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Paul teaches from his studio at Mt Gravatt, his house at Chermside, The Soundshed and now starting at Alexandra Hills Stare High School . He teaches many styles including Rock/Indie/Punk, Lead, Metal, Jazz, Classical Guitar and Flamenco.

Whether on the North or Southside of Brisbane, or from the Redlands, beginner to advanced Paul has you covered. He specializes in Classical, Flamenco, theory and technique for the experienced electric and lead guitarist.

 He is available for teaching for half hour and hour lessons.

 Rates are: $30/half hour $50/hour 

 Contact Paul on 0409 629 105


About Paul Marsh

Paul has taught a wide and diverse range of students during his many years teaching.  Having taught all around Brisbane from the North Side to the South Side and now broadening his coverage in the Redlands, from the Soundshed in Capalaba to Alexandra Hills State High School.

Playing, teaching and composing music is not a job for Paul but a calling - as 'a calling is work which gives enjoyment, meaning and fulfillment in life'. That said,  Paul has well over ten years experience performing, teaching and as a recording artist. His students reap the benefits of this experience, as fresh insights gained along the way are passed on. 

Whether you want to learn for personal enjoyment, as a means to socialize, for personal growth, to build a career or to follow your own calling; Paul will give you the support and practical training to achieve your goal.

About The Lessons

Lessons are one on one, teaching all levels from beginner to advanced.  At the beginner level, a general program is laid out which covers fundamental techniques, reading sheet music and musical concepts.  A variety of styles are covered, essentially grounded in Rock.

   The experienced guitarist can choose their preferred genres from Jazz, Rock, Metal and the styles Paul specializes in; Classical, Lead  and Flamenco guitar. Theory and technique are learned and applied in easy to understand and practical terms. 

AMEB Classical guitar and Rock School exams are offered. Paul also prepares students looking to audition for tertiary music education, such as the Conservatorium of Music and those pursuing a career in performance.


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